Summer Time Randomness

Generally I like summer. Just not a fan of when it’s really hot or humid or both. Being in Wisconsin, we get all of that. March of last year, 2012, saw temperatures in the 80’s and June, July and August saw many days over 100. It was gross. And disgusting.

So, instead of bitching about what I don’t like about summer, I’ll try to stay positive and think of the good things. One of my favorite things to do is lay out in the back yard on a blanket in the sun and read a book. I’m one of those people that need to be in the sun to feel the warm rays on my skin to feel happy. I can’t really even begin how to describe how I feel in the winter when the sun isn’t out much or even when it’s cloudy and rainy the rest of the year. I just feel so down, tired and sad.

Another thing that I enjoy doing is planting things. That’s not really a summer thing, but it seems like the weather is just skipping spring lately, so I guess it could almost be considered a summer thing. What I don’t like about planting things is the weeds that tend to pop up as well. Last year I planted some lily bulbs. Two out of the four bulbs I planted sprouted and even grew a little, but with the heat and drought we had last year, I didn’t really think the two that grew would do as well as they had. Maybe this year they will come back.

The best part about summer would be going to water parks. I’m lucky to live about an hour away from the ‘Water Park Capital of the World’ also known as the Wisconsin Dells. There are two outdoor water parks that are not attached to a hotel or resort. Then there are at least five large hotel resorts that have water parks that are indoor and outdoor as well as some smaller hotels that have smaller indoor/outdoor water parks.

Last year was the first year I’ve gone to Noah’s Ark (the largest outdoor park in the Midwest and the eighth most visited in the United States) since 1999 when I went for the end of the year field trip for school. I was nervous about going because of my weight issues and I had prayed that I wouldn’t see anyone I knew there. Once we got there, I was thankful I never saw anyone that I knew and also thankful that I wasn’t the only chunky monkey there. This year, I’m going with my work for the company picnic. Not sure how I feel about that yet, mostly because I don’t know that I want my co-workers to see what I look like in a swimming suit. Hello anxiety attack. But we’ll see. I know even with the people from work, even my department if they go, I won’t be the only larger person.

Well, this is a rubbish post. I’m so sorry I bored you to death.