Just a Post to Ramble On…

I figure today is going to be a day that I complain. My SLP wants me to cancel my gym membership. I’m actually ok with that and ready to be done with the gym. I was just having a conversation with my friend, who also has a membership at the same gym, and she said that if she is already changed into workout clothes, she is able to just go in, get on a machine and go. She doesn’t notice the people around her. I told her that I can’t not notice the people when I walk into the gym, and then I see all of these fit people; it just makes me massively discouraged. I know that weight loss is a long journey and there are no overnight solutions for it.


One of the last times I went to the gym, some lady next to me on one of the bikes said, “You see all these fit people and that is what you strive for. The fit people see you and that’s what they work towards not becoming.” Oh yeah, that’s going to make a female with massive self-image issues feel oh so much better about herself. The thing about that lady that struck me as odd, is that she also said she uses that as motivation for herself, but she is a much larger lady than I am, or was at the time I last saw her.


I think if I had to describe myself, I would pick ‘husky’ from Gabriel Iglesias’s levels of fatness. If he used to describe himself as ‘fluffy’ then I would definitely be ‘husky’ on his scale.



Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve found a lot of daily workouts to try at home. So losing the gym membership really won’t hurt me in any way since I stopped going. I keep telling myself that next week is going to be the week I start exercising and working out again, then next week arrives and I just tell myself again that next week will be the week. But hopefully, this next week since it’s also the start of a new month I will start working out at home. I think it’s a good opportunity and I’ll have to set myself some goals to achieve as well.


Another thing I wanted to ramble about was that it is Easter weekend. Yay Easter! I think I’m more excited about helping my nephew color eggs tonight at my parents. He’s still a little too young to fully grasp the whole resurrection story, which is fine because I think he’s more excited about looking for eggs and getting an Easter basket from the ‘Easter Bunny.’ Eh, what can you do, the kid is going to turn three this year.


Also happening this weekend, two of my favorite television shows are airing new episodes, Game of Thrones and Doctor Who. I’m so excited those two are back! Until this year, I hadn’t really watched any GoT episodes, but my SLP and I would do mini marathons over the weekends and now we are both hooked. DW, we started watching when it was on the Sci-Fi channel a few years ago when it was rebooted with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor.


And speaking of Doctor Who, I’m going to leave you with this…


Thoughts Spring Brings to Mind

I thought this would be an interesting thing to talk about, thoughts spring brings to mind. Since spring is officially here, I was hoping for some warmer weather. Not the hot disgusting temperatures we saw in Wisconsin last year, mid to upper 80’s. That was too hot for spring and I like the gradual lead in to summer from winter that spring is supposed to be. Quick side story, I have a gym membership and one day after work I went to get my work out on, it was so hot outside and I walked into the gym and it was like walking into a cloud of sweat. It was hotter in the gym than it was outside and you were breathing sweat. Disgusting. It was like they didn’t even have the air on in there, but I made it through my work out, went home and decided that I wouldn’t go back until it either cooled down, or the air was working properly in the gym. After that I just kind of stopped going and now I’m looking to cancel my membership because the last few times I’ve gone to the gym, I’ve gotten there and then sat in my car having a panic attack, tears streaming down my face because I can’t get myself to go in. Anxiety sucks.

Anyway, back to thoughts the spring brings to mind.. I think the biggest one is new life. Not just in the human baby sense, but in general. All the plants are coming back to life, new fresh buds on the trees and flowers, animals waking up after the winter hibernation. For people in school, it means the school year is coming to a close. For the religious folks, it’s time for the resurrection story. I think spring is just an exciting time of year to see everything renewed. It’s also a great time to open the house up and get all the old air out and let the fresh air in.

I think it’s also a great time for animals, like I mentioned earlier they are waking from their winter hibernations. Other animals are returning to the area, like birds coming back. I’ve already spotted a robin a few weeks ago; it was just chilling out on the roof of my parents’ house looking quite fat and happy. I have been seeing more flocks of geese flying over on their way back to their homes.

I also had a dream last night that I’ve typed up and put a link to on the Dreams page. You can also just click here if you would like to read about it.