Music to Me is Like the Air I Breathe

Alright, I originally wanted to jabber about food and how glorious it is, but since I was on Facebook during my lunch I decided to change my topic. Mostly because I saw this thing a friend posted about Muse playing with Metallica this summer at the Summer Sonic festival that takes place in Tokyo and Osaka, click here to see the full line up for both nights. I just can’t even.. Muse, Metallica, Linkin Park, The Smashing Pumpkins, Pet Shop Boys, Beady Eye, Cheap Trick, Stereophonics, Bullet For My Valentine, Two Door Cinema Club, Imagine Dragons.. holy hell. So yeah, I think I need to win the lottery so I can afford to go, because that would just be fucking amazing.

Anyway, I figured I would talk about music instead of food. For me, music sort of is food- like I can’t live without it. I’m trying something out at work today to see how well it goes, and that is to listen to music while I take calls. In the past I’ve been really good about it, but I was in a call center where a whole lot of concentration wasn’t needed. Where I am now I do need to concentrate a bit more, but so far I’m doing well. I certainly won’t do this every day, but maybe a few days out of the week or in the mornings to keep me more awake.

Speaking of music festivals, I went to my first one a few years ago when Muse were playing Lollapalooza in Chicago. After that I decided that I probably won’t ever do another festival unless Muse plays or another band I really like. Because of my anxiety issues, I had a hard time dealing with all of the people at Lolla, but in the end it was absolutely worth it. The things that I didn’t like were the people body surfing and falling on my head and the pushing and shoving and being in a crowd of uncomfortably hot and sweaty bodies. I was also not a fan of people smoking pot around me and purposely blowing it in other people’s faces because it was funny. That’s just rude. I understand that there is always going to be drinking and drug use at music festivals and concerts, but to purpose flaunt what you are doing along with being a jerk about it just sucks.

As for concerts in stadiums or arenas or outside venues I will absolutely go. I’ve been to a few in my relatively short life time so far, the first being the Turtles when they played at the Dane County Fair a long time ago, my brother took me to see them. Then after that, it was Hanson in 1998, Backstreet Boys in 1999 or 2000, Muse in 2010, 2011 (Lolla) and more recently this last March when they were in Chicago. So that’s not a whole lot of concerts compared to some people, but I am always looking to go see a good band live. I have a list of who I want to see before I die, and even though I have seen Muse three times now, they still top my list. Next would be Metallica. I would love to see them with my brother since it’s his fault I like them. When he was in high school and still living at home before going to college, he would always play Metallica in the morning while he was getting ready while I was in my room listening to a local Top 40’s radio station. I’d always end up turning off my radio and listening to Metallica instead and not really understanding what it was, I was in first, second, third and fourth grades while my brother was in high school. After Metallica, Daft Punk rounds out the top three.

Music in general, there is no way that I could live without it. To me it is like the air I breathe. I like such a wide range of music; it’s hard for me to choose a favorite genre. I can’t even say that I don’t like country, but I’m very picky and I don’t like a lot of the newer country music. I could care less if you think your tractor is sexy. I do, however, love Johnny Cash. What’s not to love about the original man in black? Great songs, great voice and I’m sure that if I were born many years earlier and were of age, I’d totally hit on him lol. Not like you needed to or even cared to know that.

Something else about music that I love, are remixes and mash-ups. With the help of SoundCloud, I have discovered a lot of amazing songs. I think I’ll just have to make a post of stuff from there. One of my favorite things I’ve found on there is a mash-up that has Flesh & Bones by The Hacker fest. Perspects, Map of the Problematique by Muse, The Orgy by The Glove, and some other songs as well as a sample from Star Trek IV. Since that is a favorite song of mine, I will put that on here.