Dreams and Star Wars and Batman, Oh my!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was pretty good. Got to sleep in a bit finally, but I ended up staying up way to late on Saturday night watching stuff on YouTube and then sleeping half the day away on Sunday. Oh well. Not a whole lot happened this weekend, but it was still pretty good and massively relaxing after the crazy weekend before with helping my parents and singing in church.

It was kind of strange though, Saturday morning, I woke up sobbing- like hardcore sobbing, hyperventiling, and wet pillow from the tears. I vaguely remember what I was dreaming about, but it wasn’t anything that should have made me cry as hard as I did. In the dream, there was something about a military training airfield in my parents’ backyard. I was being trained on how to fly a World War II style fighter jet. I remember flying over the neighborhood, and then being shot at by the enemy. As my fighter was going down, my brother showed up and shot the enemy fighter. The damage was too great on my plane to continue flying it, so I had to eject but the first couple of tries to eject didn’t go over so well and then the last time I tried, the top of the plane finally popped off and I was finally able to get out of the fighter.

Some other things happened, and then I remember standing at the training field that was still in the backyard of my parents’ house. A messenger walked up to me and handed me a folded over piece of paper and after the messenger left, I read it. My heart sunk as I read the words on the paper and I started crying in my dream, which apparently made me cry while I was sleeping. In the dream, I went to the brick patio and started digging up something that I knew was buried there by the person that died in my dream. As I took the last few bricks away, there was a board so I lifted that away and under that board were some hearts cut out of wood. Each heart had something written on them and a name to the person the heart belonged to in the event of that particular person dying. I found a heart for me at the bottom of the pile. As I read what was written on my heart, it made me cry harder. That’s the point that I woke up.

I have no idea what was written on the heart, I wish I did though. But honestly, that’s one dream that I don’t want to have again. I think that is the first time that I woke up crying as hard as I was, and that is also something that I don’t really want to experience again. It was rather unpleasant and depressing.

This last Saturday was Star Wars day, May the 4th be with you, and in honor of Star Wars day I decided to do something a little different with my hair. Since it’s not as long as it used to be so I had little buns instead of the big buns on the sides of my head. It was interesting, after church, we went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream, and as I was standing in line waiting for my treat, some older lady told me that she loved my hair. She said that it was a great style and it looked fabulous on me. In addition to the interesting love of my hair, she said that I have beautiful eyes. That I hear a lot actually and was told once that I should be a model for eye glasses. I’m actually asked a lot if I wear contacts. Nope, contact free. You know, that is one part of my body that I absolutely love, my eyes. They are pretty fantastic.

Other than that, not a whole lot happened this weekend. I did realize that I absolutely adore Kevin Conroy, he’s the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman from ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ and a whole lot of other things. Speaking of Batman, Batman is the best. My all time favorite DC comic book character. If I could, I’d like to mary Batman.

I guess now that I think about it, there are some other things that I’d like to write about to get off my chest, but it won’t be today. It’s just going to take a little longer to get a post done about one of the other things that I’m annoyed with. Until then, have a lovely rest of your day.


Abandoned Locals

Alright, so it’s not like I forgot to post, I just ran out of time on Wednesday and yesterday when I started this post. Wednesday, work was crazy busy and when I got home, I feel asleep at the computer instead of on the couch like I usually do. I suppose I could have written a post during my lunch on Wednesday, but that was spent looking at pictures of abandoned and derelict amusement parks and buildings. Yesterday though, I actually started this post, but I got all distracted looking at more pictures and getting links to said pictures. Last night my SLP and I went to Menards to get some ideas for kitchen flooring, new siding for the house, shingles for the roof and other home improvement things as well as a weed whacker. I thought about finishing this last night, but after Menards we went out to dinner and I got a margarita. Wow.. I hadn’t had a drink with booze in it for a while and that tequila hit me like a ton of bricks and kicked my ass. I got sooo sleepy. Granted, I haven’t been going to bed at a decent time lately, staying up reading or writing or playing Simpsons Tapped Out.

Anyway, I have no idea why, but that stuff fascinates me. Maybe it’s seeing nature reclaim the land that was cleared for whatever is there. Or maybe it’s seeing an amusement park that used to have a ton of happy and excited people pass through its gates now looking so forlorn and empty. I would love for the opportunity to go to an abandoned amusement park to explore and take pictures. It would be creepy and really exciting at the same time.

I came across Michael John Grist’s site while Google-ing abandoned amusement parks. He has taken some amazing and beautiful photos of the places he’s been to. One of my favorite sets is from Nara Dreamland (pictures here), a derelict amusement park that is a knock off of Disney Land. So I’ve been spending most of my free time looking at all the pictures he’s got. One of the sets that made me really sad were the pictures (pictures here) of Oradou-sur-Glane, a village in France. For that one, the pictures on his site are from other people. It’s just a sad story from World War II. Nearly everyone in the village, including three people passing through the village on bikes were massacred by a German Waffen-SS company. The women and children were locked in the church while the men were locked in barns and gunned down with machine-guns. After the men were killed, shot in the legs to prolong the pain of death, the soldiers covered them with fuel and set the barns on fire. The soldiers then went to the church and burned it down with the women and children in it.

Another set of photos that made me quite sad were pictures he took of the Hiroshima A-bomb Dome (pictures here). I’m not going to go into the bombing of Hiroshima here because there are tons of other places that you can read about it in more detail. The dome was originally the Hiroshima Trade Promotion Hall and was only 150 meters away from the blast hypocenter. Per one of the captions under a picture it says “The Genbaku Dome was originally scheduled to be demolished with the rest of the ruins, but the fact that it was mostly intact delayed these plans. As Hiroshima was rebuilt around the dome, it became a subject of controversy; some locals wanted it torn down, while others wanted to preserve it as a memorial of the bombing.” There is also a peace museum as well and documents the aftermath of the bombing.

In the film Hannah (one movie I will always watch if it’s on tv because I love it and the music in it), part of the film takes place in the abandoned Spreepark in Berlin. Spreepark started out as Kulturpark Plänterwald in 1969 and in 1989 the name was changed to Spreepark Berlin. In 2001, the park closed and in 2002 the park owner moved to Peru to set up another park there called Lunapark. The owner failed in his attempt to run the new park so he moved back to Berlin and tried to smuggle 180 kg of cocaine from Peru to Germany in the masts of the flying carpet ride. Apparently, since 2011 there have been guided tours of the park at restricted times.  Pictures of Spreepark

Something else that has always fascinated me is the town of Pripyat that is within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (pictures here). That is just another massively sad story of what happened at Chernobyl and the people of the town. A message on local radio was that an accident occurred at the plant, but made it sound like the damage and radiation was localized. Another thing I’ve recently read about Pripyat was that the Ferris wheel, for many years was thought to be unused, may have been as pictures have surfaced somewhere showing it being used. Like the caption says for the picture of the Ferris wheel on the page I liked in this paragraph, the Ferris wheel may have been used in the 36 hours between the incident and the evacuation to take the focus off the plant while they were assessing the situation.

And now because I’m massively lazy, here are a bunch of links to other sets of pictures from abandoned places and other awesome things.

Nara Dreamland

Underwater Lion City

Abandoned Russian Riviera Resort

Abandoned Haunted Hospital

Abandoned NSA Listening Station on Devils Mountain

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans


Looking Back at Childhood Plans

I’ve been thinking about this dream thing again, and I’ve realized that while I have a lot of my dreams written down in journals and notebooks, it’s going to be a while before I can get them typed up. So in the meantime, this is going to serve as my place to vent my frustrations on things and situations in my life as well as celebrate the good things happening as well.

 Because I have a hard time, a lot of the time, trying to come up with something to talk about on here, I Googled blog ideas and I made a list of 32 ideas that seem like a good idea to try and write about. I’m going to set a goal for myself, to write about one of those things on that list every day until it is done. I’m sure I’ll have other things to say between those particular posts, but that list is just serving as a list of ideas.

 With the above being said, I suppose I should put one of those ideas to good use. I like this one ‘Childhood Plans, What I Wanted to be When I Grew Up’ because everyone- no matter who you are, always dreamed about what they wanted to do as an adult. Now that I am an adult, I’m still dreaming about what I want to be when I grow up. Mostly because I still don’t know what I want to do for a career. My current job is just a job, but I could see myself doing it for quite a few years.

 When I was little, I always wanted to be a princess, but once I realized that I had to be of royal blood or lucky enough to bag myself a prince, there was no way I could be a princess. Then my focus shifted to being a teacher. I remember having friends over after school, or going to their house and we would play ‘School’ where I would always want to be the teacher. Quite similar to playing ‘House’ I had to be the mom or the cool older sister or the baby. The part about playing school was being the teacher and having that special red hard cover notebook that held the attendance and grades of each student in the class. I always thought I could be the most powerful person in the world if I had one of those.

 As I started growing up, aside from being a teacher, my interests shifted from time to time to be a meteorologist, an artist, a musician, a professional writer, an interior decorator, a historian and a professional cake baker. But for some reason out of all of those things, the only ones that stuck were teacher, historian and cake baker. Then I decided that I would become a history teacher. I had it all planned out in my head, go to UW-Whitewater for a degree to become a history teacher, find a job at a local school and teach for the rest of my life. My junior year in high school, my parents and I drove down to Whitewater to tour the campus and meet the head of the history department. The campus is beautiful, and not the first time I had been there. A few years before I went to tour, my brother graduated from UW-Whitewater so I think part of me wanting to go to that university was because my brother went there. Even though there is a rather large gap in years between us, I still wanted to be just like him and do everything he did. I even took French in school instead of Spanish or German (though in hindsight I should have taken Spanish) so that my brother could help me with my homework if I didn’t understand it. I remember being so excited to take French in school that I told my brother and he said the only thing that he remembers (I’m guessing he was kidding now that I look back because I know he knows more than he said he did at the time) was to ask for the bathroom “Où est la salle de bains?” which actually is “where is the shower” but that didn’t stop me from wanting to learn more.

 Anyway, my parents and I went down to tour the campus at Whitewater. After meeting the head of this history department at the university we walked away with an odd feeling, like the guy didn’t really know much about his area. We asked what it would take and what sorts of classes were needed to become a history teacher and he just didn’t have much information on it and said that wasn’t something he was familiar with. Rather strange for the head of the department, don’t you think? So after meeting the unknowledgeable gentleman, we finished the tour of the campus, and went to the, I guess you could call it the gift shop and then went home. At first I was rather discouraged about becoming a history teacher, but that didn’t stop me from looking at other universities in the state of Wisconsin. I also looked at UW-Superior, but I decided that being that far away from family for four years would be too hard for me so I abandoned that idea.

 During all of this, I discovered something about myself that I love to bake and decorate cakes. Granted I already knew that I loved to bake cookies, cakes and cupcakes so going to school for that would be a great alternative for my initial plan of becoming a history teacher was put on the back burner.

 So even though I still haven’t gone to college for anything that I want to do, I still would like to someday go to college for either of those things. But after my experience of going to a local technical college, I’ve shied away from school. I wouldn’t say it was bad, but I will say I was definitely not ready for something like that and was massively glad that I wasn’t at a large campus like Whitewater or Superior. I have some major anxiety problems that I’m working on and at the time, my heart wasn’t in to going to college. I wanted to do the baking and pastry arts program at the technical school, but the program was full when I finally decided I wanted to do it. So instead, I ended up taking a bunch of classes to make sure I had enough credits to continue to stay on my parents’ health insurance. There was already a lot of tension between my mom and me so much so that I moved out of the house a week after I turned 18 some months before graduating high school (but that’s a whole post on its own). I felt like I was being forced to go to college just so I could continue the health insurance. In the end, I stopped going to the classes and got as much of a refund as I could on the classes and the unused books.

 Regardless, of what happed to dissuade me from going to college I think that someday I’ll go. Probably not to be a history teacher- mostly because I wanted to specialize in war history and that would be a hard job to find in my area. No, I think I’ll go for that baking and pastry arts program and if not that, perhaps I’ll go for a business management program so I can climb the corporate ladder if an opportunity came along to do so. I’m always going to love history and baking, so if I end up doing the business management and take some additional classes in the history area and then down the line a bit later in my life, I’ll finally take that baking and pastry arts program for something to do in my eventual retirement when I’m old.