Dream From 5/15/2013

I had a dream or two last night. I remember three different bits to whatever I was dreaming. The first part was I was at work and some random guy just appeared next to my desk and was asking where he could find a certain person. I told him that is not something I could assist him with and he kept insisting. I finally stood up and told him where to go to get that information. I remember saying “Leave my desk, go out the door you snuck in, then go through one of the three doors to your left, and go down the stairs. After you are down the stairs, walk straight over to the reception desk, tell the lady there who you are looking for and she will direct you to our HR department. Now get the hell out of here.” No idea where that came from because after that it changed to something else that was kind of weird.

The next part of the dream I remember I was in a big open indoor space with a car and some building support pillars, sort of like a parking garage/ramp but it was all enclosed so it wasn’t really. I was sitting on the hood of the car hugging my knees with my chin resting on my knees feeling sad. There was a person sitting next to me and since it was dark in the area, I couldn’t really see and I just remember him telling me that everything would be alright each time I would sniffle from crying.  I started to drift off to sleep and this guy told me he would watch over me as I slept and he promised that nothing would happen. So much for keeping his promise, I woke up a little bit later and he was gone. I slid off the hood of the car and walked around to try and figure out where I was. Off to my right there was a set of stairs that led up to a door. To my left there was nothingness. Just black upon black upon black, so I walked over to the stairs. About half way over, the door opened and the Joker walked out.

Not Heath Ledger’s Joker or even Jack Nicholson’s or Cesar Romero’s Jokers. It was the cartoon version voiced by Mark Hamill, but he was human. With the Joker being there, that led me to believe that the person that was sitting next to me was Batman before I fell asleep. For some reason, I don’t remember feeling terrified standing before the Joker. I asked him what he was doing here and he just replied “It’s your party dearie,” stopping to cackle and then continued on, “As far as I know, you wished me here. Maybe for a party?” he paused again and started pulling stuff out of his sleeves and confetti exploded out of a small pistol with a stick coming out of the end of the gun barrel with a little flag and the word ‘bang’ on it. “Or maybe for some games? I like games that are fun and deadly!” I asked him if he knew who was sitting by me earlier and he said no, but went on to say that if it was “Batsy” he would have been out sooner to torment him.

At that point, my dream sort of changed again, but kept with the super hero-ishness that was sort of going on. I was driving the car I was sitting on before with Batman sitting next to me, Joker was in the back seat along with The Flash. I was driving like I was going to work and instead of the normal parking ramps that are actually at my work, it was like a super parking ramp that was really tall. I pulled into my normal parking spot in the ramp, got out to go into work and there was a question asked and I remember replying that I did not know and got back in the car to drive away. When I got back in, it was just Batman and myself in the car, so I left work and as I was driving out of the ramp, the drive seemed longer and longer, like it was never ending. We finally got to a point where the ramp came to a ‘T’ intersection and no signs, so we sat there. I asked Batman if he had ever been in anything like this before and he said no. After talking about it a little more, we both decided on the same thing, to back the car up a bit, then gun it forward to break through the wall in front of us. I looked behind to back up and saw that the ramp was collapsing behind us, so we had to hurry. After going back as far as I could, I put the car in drive and just stepped on it, hoping and wishing that we would not become a bat-pancake. Apparently it was an illusion that shattered like glass when we drove through it and continued on to try and exit the parking ramp.

I have no idea if we ever left the parking ramp as I woke up to my side aching. Turns out I had my hand on my side and I was gripping my skin. Rather surprised it wasn’t bruised.



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