Dream From 4/11/2013

The dream started out where I was at some sort of place of business, may have been where I work, but I’m not really sure. I had to attend a meeting, so when I got to the conference room, there were people I knew already seated around the table. My third grade teacher, a past minister from my church, my SLP, my SLP’s mom that died, and some other people. The past minster was talking about something, and my SLP kept interrupting him so I told my SLP to stop talking. SLP stopped only for a little bit, but then started talking again. So I told him to shut up and listen to what was being said as it was important. The next person started talking and SLP started talking again over the next person. I finally told my SLP to shut the fuck up and listen to what was being said. He finally did.

There was a break in the meeting, so I wandered off to get something to drink. After I returned from getting a drink, the meeting was about to continue so I sat back down in my seat again. After the minister started talking again, my SLP started talking again, trying to add a few details here and there about whatever it was being discussed. I finally had enough and just got up, looked at SLP and told him that he is a disrespecting ass hole for constantly talking over other people. Then I left the conference room. I could hear my SLP ask what he did wrong as I was standing outside the door to the conference room where they could not see me. Then his mom started talking and told him everything he did wrong and what he needs to do to fix it.

The rest I didn’t hear because I left the building I was in, and suddenly I was in a different dream or something. It was night out and the city I was in was under lock down. I remember feeling terrified looking around and seeing all the lights off in the city and the streets were empty. Suddenly someone came running up to me and frantically said they were looking for me everywhere and that we needed to get inside as soon as possible. I had no idea what was going on, and I told this person that. She looked at me like I was nuts and said that they lock the city down every night because of bad things that happen while we sleep. I asked her what sort of stuff and she just looked horrified that I didn’t know. Instead of telling me what happens, she took me up to the roof of one of the buildings in the city. Once there, she pointed out something big on the horizon that was walking towards the eastern edge of the city.

Seeing the huge monster, or whatever it was, brought all these memories back. They weren’t my memories though because I knew I was just in a conference room pissed off at my SLP for not shutting his trap. I was more confused than anything. Finally the person I was with, I knew her name now, told me to follow her to the staging area. We get there and she hands me this plug suit, like the ones they wear in Neon Genesis Evangelion, and tells me to put it on. I put the suit on and follow her to another room where we get in this capsule that will take us underwater and away from the city.

Instead, we crawl through this opening and we’re back out in the city but now it’s during the day and there are people out and about minding their own business. I looked down, and I was in normal clothes and the plug suit apparently disappeared or had some sort of thing where it changed depending on your surroundings. We walked into a store to buy some flowers and the lady at the counter gave us a weird look. We got the flowers and left. We went to another store to get a shirt. While we were waiting for the lady at the counter to assist us, she looked at me and said that she still supports my father. I had no idea what she was talking about and she saw the confused look on my face. Then she put her hands on each side of my head above my ears and shared her memories with me about what happened to my father.

There was a loud noise outside and she looked up, her face paled and she said to get behind the counter. After my friend and I behind the counter, two guys enter her shirt shop and talk to her about my friend and I, demanding to know where we went. They said they had information that we were in there. The lady motioned for us to crawl through a hidden door at the end of the counter, so we did just before the two men walked around the counter to see for themselves that we were not in her store.

Once we were through the hidden door, we were standing in a kitchen to a house. Again, I was confused, but the kitchen seemed familiar to me. With these new memories of my father, I realized it was the kitchen of his house. I turned to my friend and asked what the hell was going on. I told her one minute, I’m sitting in a conference room with people I know are in my life, I walk out of the conference room and building to be submerged into the night of some city that’s in lock down I don’t know and taken to some room and told to put on some skin tight suit only to be back in my normal clothes a few minutes later. Then I’m given memories of my father, who is actually my father, but these are memories I’ve never had of him before doing things that I know he would never do. My friend had no answers for me and just sat there dumbfounded that I would even question what was even happening.

I left her standing in the kitchen and walked to the living room where there were a bunch of different people sitting around on the couch, chairs and even extra chairs brought in from the kitchen. Each group of people had colored shirts on. One group was pink, another was green, there was also red, blue, orange and brown. All the shades were drawn down, doors and windows were locked tight and cloth stuffed in the cracks of doors that lead outside as well as the windows. I sat down on the couch with the people in brown shirts. Everyone was so intently watching the news channel that was showing what was happening outside. There were riots in the streets, people torching cars and buildings. I asked what the hell was going on as I still had not gotten a clear answer. I started to feel sad as I watched the tv, it was like war had come to the city I was in and there was nothing that I or anyone else could do to stop it. No one seemed to know why it was even happening either.

As I tears started to stream down my face, my father walked into the kitchen from the passageway from the shirt shop.  People started cheering when my father walked into, but when he saw me sitting on the couch; he stopped dead and started crying. I asked him what was wrong and he said he thought I was taken or worse, killed. I asked him hoping he would explain why this war was happening. He calmed down enough to tell me what was going on. He explained that this war was started because of me. I asked why it was started because of me. I told him that I wasn’t important enough to start a war over. He said, yes and that to him, I was the most important person in the world. When I was taken by some group of people, he did everything he could to get me back. Then when the bad guys started taking other daughters from other families, those fathers joined my dad in the fight to get their daughters back. I asked him how it escalated to riots and torching buildings and such. My father said that was the bad guys who were doing that. They figured out that the fathers were able to sneak into their base and get their daughters back, but when my father snuck in, I was already gone.

Even though I wasn’t being held captive, he still helped the other men get their daughters back. Some of the other fathers weren’t so lucky and saw what the bad guys were doing to their daughters. The selected few were being used as breeding stock to have different genetics in their lines. My father feared the worst and thought I was chosen to be a breeder. I told him I was, but I snuck away before they could take me. I told him what happened to me and even though I didn’t do what I said I did, I still have memories that I did that.

So, with me being safe and not harmed by the bad guys, my father started making plans to get me and some of the other fathers and daughters out of the city. The plan was, I would hide in a fifth wheel RV along with two other people that would apparently be my protectors. I had to hide in the top bunk bed they had in there. My father would be driving the truck pulling the RV and his best friend would be with him in the cab. The time came to smuggle me out to the RV, so they rolled me up in a roll of carpeting that was to be installed in the RV and carried me out. I thought the plan was just ridiculous, I mean come on, how suspicious would that look.. During the night, the fighting was almost non-existent so it was easy to sneak me out to the RV. Once inside, they unrolled me and I climbed up to the top bunk. The two protectors, both wearing pink shirts took their places, one at the door and the other at the window by the beds. My father backed the truck up and his buddy got out and hooked the RV up to the hitch on the truck. After it was secured, we left.

At some point during the night, there was a loud bang on the roof of the RV and I felt the unit swerve. I tried to ask what was going on, but I didn’t get an answer, I was only told to be quiet. When the sun came up the next day, I peeked out from under the covers of the bed and saw there was a huge hole in the roof and one of the protectors was gone. I radioed to the cab of the truck to talk to my father, and was told he was napping after driving all night. His buddy told me to hang tight while we cross the state line. I asked what was so important about crossing the state line and he said that the bad guys have no power over the other states, but people crossing had to prove that they had no daughters with them. I asked how we were supposed to prove that I was not a daughter and my father’s buddy didn’t have an answer quite yet and it would be a while before we had to cross the state line.

My father woke up a bit later as the truck pulled over to the side of the road so they could assess the damage of the hole in the roof. My father took me aside and told me that I would need to cut my hair short to look like a boy. I was not thrilled about it, but said that if it would help keep me alive, I would do whatever I had to do. I sat down as the other protector got out a scissors and began cutting my hair. I was also given an Ace bandage by the protector and was told to bind my chest to make it look like I had no breasts. I was ok with that more than I was getting my hair cut. No idea why. After the haircut and chest binding, I changed my clothes to appear more boyish, and with the group’s approval, we continued on to the state line. Since I looked like a boy now, I didn’t have to hide in the bunk bed and was able to carefully move about the pull behind RV.

At this point, I’m going to assume we made it across the state line without issue and everything turned out for the good. But since I woke up at this point, I don’t know for sure what happened because I never got to dream it. Like usual with my dreams, I have no idea why I dreamed what I did, but it was fun dreaming it at the time and sometimes a little terrifying.


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