Dream From 3/27/2013


Here’s the dream I had last night. I thought it was pretty awesome, and I tried to remember as much detail about it as I could. I was a student at a university somewhere, and there was this guy there that apparently was my boyfriend or my fiancé or husband. I remember that I was kidnapped by someone and taken away from the university in this white futuristic looking car that went really fast. I remember being terrified and constantly looking in the side mirror to see if anyone was following. When I finally caught sight of someone on a motorcycle catching up to the car, I started to cry because I knew who it was. It was my person; he was coming to save me. He finally caught up and over took the car to turn in front of it to force the car to stop. It sort of worked, the car hit the motorcycle and I screamed as I saw his body go flying of the cycle a long distance before getting a face full of airbag. The guy that was driving the car was also talking to someone else on either a phone or some other communication device the entire time he was driving started yelling at the person he was talking to, “Shit! I hit him! This was not how this was supposed to happen. The boss man is going to be fucking pissed.”

Suddenly a helicopter appeared overhead and was hovering above the car with a rope hanging down. The driver got out, grabbed the rope and the copter took off leaving me in the car and my person on the ground looking pretty dead. I got out of the car and ran over to my person, took his helmet off and put his head in my lap. I felt silly because my tears were landing on his face like some sappy romance novel or movie so I started to laugh. I wiped the tears off his face and felt his breath on my hand as it passed by his nose. Realizing he was still alive I started calling his name, which I can’t remember now, until he woke up. I remember he had the bluest eyes I had ever seen for a human, and when he got up and walked around after being thrown from his motorcycle, I realized that there was something different about him.

We made it back to the university where we were students and we were told to go to the Nord Sud (North South in French) auditorium. As my person and I were walking, we met up with some of our friends but suddenly my person was taken away from me. I started to go after him but the friends I was with kept pushing me to the auditorium. We were the last group of people to enter and there weren’t any more seats open so we had to stand in the back. During whatever was happening in the auditorium, someone started singing, and then made his way back to where I was dancing with a friend. The friend dipped me and a microphone came out of his sleeve that he put in my face to make me sing with the other guy singing. I kept shaking my head no, but someone behind me whispered in my ear that if I wanted my person to live, I had to sing. I took the microphone and started to sing as the first singer came over to dance with me while we sang.

After the song, the group of friends that were standing in the back with me and I left to follow the person that whispered in my ear. The person went on some long and winding way around the campus to a small building. I watched the person go in the door to the building and then down some stairs before the door shut behind him. My friends and I try to come up with a plan to break in, when the door opens again and a different person comes out. The door shut before any of us could get to it from where we were hiding.

With a plan somewhat in place, I walked over to the door, threw it open and yelled down the stairs that they better not do anything to harm my lover. All I heard was laughter coming up the stairs, so I pull a hand gun from behind my back and make my way down the stairs slowly trying to avoid where the stairs creek. I get to the bottom of the stairs, look around and realize that it opens up into a mall setting where there is a speed skating rink in the middle of the mall. To the left of where I was standing was an Asian themed restaurant and an art gallery. To my right was a two level music store where they sold pianos and other instruments on the top level and the bottom was all sheet music. Across from me was pizza parlor. I turned around to go back up the stairs, but they had vanished along with the gun I had in my hand and there was a store that sold office supplies.

 Massively confused, I started walking through the mall to try and find my person and every time I would get close, people would get in my way, like they were purposely keeping me away from him. Having enough, I went to the area that controlled the temperature inside the mall and set it so that it was freezing cold. Then I ran to the water pipes and busted them all open to make all the walking areas icy. I went down to the speed skating rink and rented a pair of skates and waited for my chance.

Once the water froze on the walking areas, I took off on the skates and after a few laps around the mall I spotted my person and I was finally able to break through the people keeping me from him. I caught up to him, grabbed his hand and took off in another direction pulling him behind me. We end up going down some iced over stairs and end up tumbling down and rolling out a door into an open field of blue daisies.

We stopped moving and I looked around again and there was no mall anywhere around, also no university or people. Just us, and it felt like all was right in the world.  I asked him what the hell all that kidnapping was about and he just replied that he was supposed to protect me because I am worth protecting. He also said that when he had to chase me down on the motorcycle it was the most terrifying thing in his life and when the car hit him, he actually died. He was given a second life, that’s why his eyes were now so abnormally blue, to love and protect me. The field of blue daisies we were laying in was his doing instead of falling down the iced over stairs and getting hurt. Since he came back to life, he was given certain powers to change the reality around him, but only when I was with him.

The people that kidnapped him realized his potential when he woke back up after the car hit him. They tried to make him use his abilities to create torture rooms to be individualized to each person in the room to be tortured. They were after me first because I apparently held some sort of government secrets that even I didn’t know about.

So, with all that said, I don’t think this dream has any personal meaning to me other than entertainment value. If it did have any sort of meaning, I’ve got no idea what it could be.


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