So I guess since this is the ‘About’ page, I should probably put something about myself on here. Well, I am a twenty-something young lady that is a year and a half-ish away from being 30. I like to watch movies, sing along to music in the car on the way to and from work, and I love the band Muse. The purpose of this blog or online journal or whatever you want to call this thing is to try and figure out my dreams. I am not anything special, but I have some pretty odd dreams now and then. This writing outlet will also serve as a complaint sounding board as well as a place to put some short stories, should I ever get around to typing them up.

By day, I am a switchboard operator for a company that has business in 19 states and by night I am a lazy bum that likes to sit on my couch, watch a good movie or television show while crafting something with my hands. I like to think that I’m a crafty person, but most of my ideas end up failing miserably.

I am sort of married, been with the same person since high school so something like 10 or 12 years. It really depends on who you ask as to how long we have been together. We fight often and sometimes I feel like we fight too much. But in the end, we usually end up working things out. Sometimes it may take a while, but eventually we get there. I do not have any kids yet, but they are being planned after a lot of other things are done.

I also tend to ramble on a bit, so this will be a challenge to not ramble much on here.


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