Could I Quit My Day Job? Nope

Could I quit my day job? That’s a question I would ask myself quite a lot in while I had my previous job. There were a lot of days that I wanted to walk and give the company I worked for a big fuck you very much. Because let me tell you, being a temp sucks some major ass. Yes, it is a job and for that I was grateful, but being a temp you get shafted in so many ways. Technically, temp employees are not supposed to take part in department celebrations like pot lucks or even after work “happy hours” if they were company funded. However, if they were not company funded after work outings, I think I could have gone… Maybe.

It’s not just the snacks and goodies, which I have gotten like little squish toys and some other things, but just the status of being a “temp” that just screams ‘Hey look at me, I’m a company peon. I’m here to fill in and do the work you’re too lazy to and yet they pay me less than you and I get absolutely no recognition of it.’ I was lucky though, I had managers from the company I was temping at (not the manager from the staffing agency- who was also pretty darn awesome too) that were fantastic and really truly appreciated the work that I and other temps did and still do for those that are still in that department.

With that said, there was no way I could quit my day job at the time. Too much was depending on my income and working. The only way I could quit is if I had another job lined up or I won the lottery. Now, however, the story is a little different. Since I was hired on as a full time employee late last fall, I don’t particularly want to quit my job. Some days, hell yeah. Other days, not so much. Most days, I really could give two shits. But I certainly won’t quit, at least not for a while or unless I win the lotto. Even then though, I’d get bored during the day without having a job to go to, and past experiences with acquiring a large sum of money has taught me to still keep or have a job. Just in case.. you know. Besides, I don’t really want to quit my job. The people are pretty awesome here.

I also do not have a “night job” to back me up if I were to quit my day job unless of course I could get paid to sleep. If they paid people to sleep- actually sleeping, eyes shut, snuggled under the blankets and not having sex or doing sex related thing, then my Spouse-Like-Person would be a millionaire and I would not need to work anymore.

Also, as a side note, people are stupid and grumpy today. Dudes and dudettes, lighten the hell up, it’s almost the weekend! Sheesh. Lol


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