One Person I’m Glad I Met

This is another of those blog ideas I wrote down on that list. I find this topic interesting because of my situation in life. It’s not that extraordinary, but being adopted, I feel extremely lucky and glad to have met all the people I have in my life so far. Really though, I like to think that everyone was lucky to be born into the world. Out of all the possibilities that could have been, you as an individual were the one that was born. You or I could have been born the opposite sex that we are and that may have changed the circle of friends that we have been attracted to. The location of birth may have been different as well, and again that group of friends would have been different.

However, there are some friends that I think people are destined to meet. For example, I was having a conversation with a great friend of mine the other day and I asked her, had we not met on Twitter due to our love of the same band, would we have ever met?  Her response was “I think we would have met somewhere down the like. Everyone you meet, and the people who you come in contact and affect your life, make you into who you are, everyone had a purpose, and a meaning significant to you. So it’s kinda one of those things that you and everyone you know makes you.”

I also just asked another friend the same question, had we not worked together in a department at work, would we still have met and become friends? Her response was maybe and then she added “I think if we had met somewhere else we’d have become friends. I’m not sure about the first part (if we would have met).” Then she turned it around on me and asked what I thought..

I think I would have met the people in my life anyway, probably not the way we did, and there’s a chance that we may have become friends or not, like just meeting each other standing in a line somewhere and that was the only contact I had with them.

Though I guess if I had to pick one person I’m glad I met, I’m going to cheat and say my mother and my father. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be in the place I am and have lived the life so far that I have lived. I also may or may not have had the opportunities I’ve had and will have in the future. Just the other day I told my mom something and it nearly brought both of us to tears. I told her when I was little I thought she was the greatest person in the world. When I became a teenager, I thought she was the devil. Now that I’m slightly older, I’ve realized that I absolutely love my mom, and my dad for that matter, and I am so glad that they are in my life. I also told her that I was not sorry for moving out when I did, but I just needed the space to figure out who I was, and I knew it was hard for her when I moved out because it was hard for me. I hated being apart from my mom like that but I knew it was the only way I could figure things out. My mom told me that what her and my dad were doing was to protect me and they were doing it out of love. Some of the things that happened, I wouldn’t say were out of love, but I’m willing to look past those now and just move forward with the relationships I have with my parents. I like that I can spend time with them together by going to church, and then doing things with each of them that are special to them and me. My mom, I’ll spend all day on a Saturday over at their house making cards while she scrapbooks or makes cards. With my dad, I go deer hunting with him during bow season. Those are things that I am always going to remember about my parents as things that I did with them along with many other things.


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