Random Musings

For a while now, I have been dying to plan a ’30th Birthday Two Week Extravaganza Super Fun Time’ in England and Scotland. However, each time I bring the idea up to my spouse like person, he always shoots it down saying we don’t have the money. Then he usually goes on to say that he wants to travel around the United States because there is so much to see here before going international again. The last time I went international for more than a few hours a day while I was on a cruise recently, was in 2007 when we went to the Bahamas for a week. So for me, the appeal to go out of the US for a vacation for a week or more is very high. Though honestly.. I do also mention that I want to have a string of one night stands to get knocked up lol. It’s all in good humor though, we’ve got a plan in place to have kids when we’re ready and that’s something else I’ll probably end up talking about on here eventually.

Anyway, looking towards the future.. When I was in high school, ten years ago this year, I always thought my future would be going to college at UW-Whitewater or UW-Superior to something with a history major. That’s the one subject in school that I have always loved, and still do. Then after graduating from whatever university I ended up going to, I’d find a job, find a husband, settle down and start a family. Boy, my life after high school was nothing like that except maybe the settling down part. My spouse like person and I have been together since high school, so 11 or 12 years now.. depending on how you look at it or depending on who you ask. Anyway, I tried to go to a technical college so I could stay on my parents health insurance (had to take so many credits) and eventually ended up dropping out. I couldn’t handle the experience at the time and my anxiety was so out of whack from it that I would get sick to my stomach even thinking about it or driving by the campus location. So from there I held a few different jobs, mostly in retail until about five years ago. But anyway, enough about the past for now, I tend to ramble a lot.

My new job at the same company I’ve been at since the end of August, beginning of September in 2008 as a temp until this last October when I finally got hired on as a full time employee. With this new job opportunity, I got all the goodies that go with a permanent full time position like health and dental insurance, sick leave, paid time off and vacation. I even got a week of vacation for being a new hire. That vacation was used up already in February when I went on a cruise (it was a Carnival cruise lol and no nothing went horribly wrong during my cruise other than the cabin we were in was hot like the air wasn’t fully running) and it was nice to not have to work some seriously cracked out hours to make up for missing like I have in the past any time we decided to go on a short vacation. I’d start work at 5am and work like 12 hours days to make sure I got my 40 hours in for the week, even coming in on my days off just to make sure I was not behind on work and hours for the week. But with this new job, I’m able to take time off when needed for things and I’m able to plan vacations without much thought of making sure I have enough in my paycheck with the PTO (paid time off).

Another perk of being a FTE (full time employee) is that there are opportunities for raises. For me raises mean more than I can put away to savings and paying down debt- not that I have a lot of debt, I’d say it’s up to my knees instead of my eyeballs. It’s also an opportunity to put that money towards getting the house fixed up and ready for children of my own. The house I live in is old and has many things that need fixing. We have a rain gutter in the front of the house that was damaged by snow and ice a few winters ago. The windows on the house (about 45 windows.. seriously) and 16 of those windows are single pane glass on the front porch that is like a I guess four-season porch. The windows in the house that are able to be opened are the old fashion rope and pulley mechanisms and for quite a few of them, the ropes have snapped or the windows don’t stay open. A lot of the screens are missing as well. Outside of the house also needs repainting. Inside of the house needs repainting, some of the electrical outlets upgraded and just a bunch of other stuff that needs to be done for it to be ready for kids. I haven’t even had my nephew over.. Mostly because my house looks like a disaster cause I can’t seem to keep it clean for more than a few days. Also because of the basement because that’s like a nightmare. The smell of old basement and water when it rains and snow melts just makes the rest of the house smell too. My plan is one weekend where I’ll have some additional time off, probably Memorial Day weekend, I’m going to go ape shit on my house and just get it cleaned.

So yeah.. Looking forward to the future. I guess there are a lot of things that I am looking forward to now. Cleaning my house Memorial Day weekend, a new nephew or niece entering the world in September, playing the piano again at my church, planning and getting ready to start my own family. It’s the first time in a long time that I’m really truly looking forward to what the future brings and what fate is going to be throwing at my face to deal with.


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